Friday, March 23, 2007

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #4

Mauving on up...
12 Football Teams From Around the World That Wear Purple, Mauve or Violet Shirts When Playing At Home

1. Arges Pitesti (Romania)
2. Defensor Sporting (Uruguay)
3. Deportivo Saprissa (Costa Rica)
4. Fiorentina (Italy)
5. Fovu Baham (Cameroon)
6. Germinal Beerschot (Belgium)
7. Hakoah Ramat Gan (Israel)
8. NK Pula (Croatia)
9. Perth Glory (Australia)
10. Provincial Electricity (Thailand)
11. Real Potosi (Bolivia)
12. Sanfrecce Hiroshima (Japan)


David Keyes said...

Saprissa takes it even a step further: their nickname is Los Morados (literally, the purples).

Chris said...

Sounds like the ideal name to me!

It's amazing actually how few teams around the world wear purple shirts.

Is it an unlucky colour, I wonder?!?

ratonbox said...

You can add Poli Timisoara from Romania, as well.

Chris said...

Thank you very much, ratonbox... another one to add to the list! :)

Damian said...

Another 2 clubs:

RSC Anderlecht (Belgium)

SK Austria Wien (Austria)

Anonymous said...

I think Sky chose purple for the colours of Harchester United in 'Dream Team' because it was so distinctive from any other team.

Anonymous said...

Galway United and Cobh Ramblers (Roy Keane's first club) both play in purple/claret. You could say Aston Villa and West Ham too, depending on your definition of purple!

Anonymous said...

Back in the late 70's Hibs had a purple away shirt made by Bukta, the bukta name was across the chest in what I think may have been the earliest shirt sponsor in Britain.


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