Friday, March 16, 2007

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #3

Food for thought
20 Answers Given by British Football Players of the Late 1970's / Early 1980's to the Question 'What's Your Favourite Food?' During Their Interviews With 'Shoot!' Magazine

1. Larry Lloyd (Nottingham Forest, 1979): 'Spaghetti Bolognese and whitebait.'
2. Peter Borota (Chelsea, 1981): 'All fish.'
3. Paul Barron (Crystal Palace, 1980): 'Chicken and fruit.'
4. Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool, 1980): 'Anything cooked by my wife.'
5. Tony Coton (Manchester City, 1980): 'Anything of my mother's.'
6. Archie Gemmill (Birmingham City, 1980): 'Anything with garlic.'
7. Steve Sims (Leicester City, 1977): 'Pizza, banana splits.'
8. Ivan Golac (Southampton, 1979): 'Moussaka and sarma.'
9. Graham Rix (Arsenal, 1980): 'Home-made steak and kidney pie.'
10. Lee Chapman (Stoke City, 1981): 'Lasagne and salad.'
11. Mark Dennis (Birmingham City, 1980): 'Baked beans, steak and chips.'
12. Derek Statham (WBA, 1978): 'Steak and chips.'
12. Phil Boyer (Southampton, 1980): 'Seafood and steak.'
13. Alan Sunderland (Arsenal, 1978): 'Pork, steak, continental food.'
14. Glenn Roeder (QPR, 1978): 'Fillet steak.'
15. Peter Taylor (Tottenham, 1976): 'Fillet steak and salad.'
16. Trevor Francis (Birmingham, 1977): 'Fillet steak Rossini'
17. Arthur Graham (Leeds United, 1979): 'Steak.'
18. Michael Robinson (Manchester City, 1979):
19. Tony Currie (QPR, 1980):
20. Alan Kennedy (Liverpool, 1978): 'I like anything.'


Smart said...

Martin Lewis (Ripple Junior School, 1979): Fresh Cod in batter and chips.

PS - Good to see the 1970's cliche meal of Steak featuring well on that list.

PPS - Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam...

Chris said...

lol... :-)

What was it about footballers and steak?!? Maybe it has hidden health benefits or something...


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