Sunday, April 22, 2007

Does my bum look big in this tournament?

FIFA Women's World Cup China 2007

Today (Sunday) saw the draw for the FIFA Women's World Cup, which takes place in China [as every tournament seems to nowadays] later this year.

England have been given a tough group, as they open against 9th ranked Japan. Next up for our ladies are the current holders and 2nd ranked Germany. Argentina complete Englands Group A games.

USA - currently ranked 1st in the world - head a very tough looking Group B. They are drawn against Sweden, North Korea and Nigeria - who are ranked 4th, 5th and 24th respectively.

The two remaining groups look a bit mediocre in comparision, with Norway [3rd] favourites to win Group C, and a decidely average Group D could be anyones.

The groups in full [World rankings in brackets]:

Group A
Germany (2)
Japan (9)
England (12)
Argentina (32)

Group B
Nigeria (24)
USA (1)
Korea DPR (5)
Sweden (4)

Group C
Norway (3)
Ghana (48)
Australia (14)
Canada (10)

Group D
China (11)
New Zealand (23)
Brazil (8)
Denmark (6)

England's group schedule:
11 Sep Japan (in Shanghai)
14 Sep Germany (Shanghai)
18 Sep Argentina (Chengdu)


Timothy B. said...

The initials of Group B- with the USA and N. Korea- spell "NUKS". Should we be dreading some sort of retaliation if Korea loses?

Smart said...

Lol... and to think that I was going to describe that group as "The group of death"!


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