Friday, April 27, 2007

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #9

Better known as...
17 Nicknames of Football Teams From Around the World

1. Kartoffelkäfer (Potato beetles) - Alemania Aachen, Germany
2. La Dea (The Goddess) - Atalanta, Italy
3. Los Colchoneros (The Mattress Makers) - Atletico Madrid, Spain
4. Galo (The Rooster) - Atlético Mineiro, Brazil
5. Mussi Volanti (Flying Donkeys) - Chievo, Italy
6. Estrela Solitária (The Lonely Star) - Botafogo, Brazil
7. Die Alte Dame (The Old Lady) - Hertha Berlin, Germany
8. Il Biscione (The Big Grass Snake) - Inter, Italy
9. The Brazilians - Mamelodi Sundowns, South Africa
10. Rayados (The Striped Gang) - Monterrey, Mexico
11. Los Leprosos (The Lepers) - Newell's Old Boys, Argentina
12. Crociati (Cross bearers) - Parma, Italy
13. Canallas (Scoundrels) - Rosario Central, Argentina
14. Myaso (The Meat) - Spartak Moscow, Russia
15. Matsatsantsa (The Swanky Boys) - Supersport United, South Africa
16. Los Ches (The Bats) - Valencia, Spain
17. El Submarino Amarillo (The Yellow Submarine) - Villareal, Spain


Flicktokick said...

Great list!

And now in the same vein it's quiz time.

Identify the Scottish teams from their nicknames.

1. The Red Lichties
2. The Gable Endies
3. The Buddies
4. The Jam Tarts
5. The Doonhamers
6. The Honest Men
7. The Loons
8. The Blue Brazil
9. Bully Wee
10. The Hi-Hi

Timothy B. said...

How about:

The Carpathian Bears (FC Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ, Romania)

The Purebloods (Atletico Chiriqui, Panama)

The Red Sheep (Vicenza, Italy)

And finally, Zenit Saint Petersburg has two chuckleworthy nicknames: The Sacks and the Hoboes.

David Keyes said...

Estudiantes de la Plata: Los Pincharatas (the rat killers)

Smart said...

Crikey Flicktokick!

I'm tempted to post my suggestions for that 10, but I'd probably only get 1 right (number 4).

As I say to my wife every Friday night - "Reveal all!"

Flicktokick said...

St Mirren
Queen of the South (because when working in Glasgow people from Dumfries talk about 'doon hame'
Ayr United
Forfar Athletic (means the boys in North East dialect)
Cowdenbeath - Obviously!
Third Lanark - more on that story later

Chris said...

Let me see FlicktoKick... without using Google, I´d say that the Jam Tarts are Hearts / Heart of Midlothian... The Doonhamers I´ve heard of but don´t know who they are... And the Blue Brazil... Falkirk?

Smart said...

He posts the answers and you STILL get it wrong?!?!?! ;-)

Chris said...

I hadn´t scrolled down at that point!!!

FlicktoKick put some particularly difficult nicknames on there. I was expecting to see The Bhoys, The Gers or The Dons, but clearly this is a man who likes setting a challenge!

Thanks for your nicknames too, Timothy B and David! Very interesting!

Timothy B. said...

Found a few more:

The Tuxedo Players (AIK, Sweden)

The Red Fuse (America de Cali, Colombia)

The Yellow Fever (Municipal Chorillo, Panama)

The Gravediggers (FK Partizan, Serbia)

The Cod (Vasco da Gama, Brazil)

The Glamour Boys (Dynamos, Zimbabwe)

The Potato Boys (Mwana Africa, Zimbabwe)

The Tycoons (Silver Stars, South Africa)

Little Anderlecht (Beveren, Belgium)

The Double-Headed (AEK, Greece)

The Titans (AC San Marino- isn't that what springs to mind when you think 'San Marino Football'?)

Chris said...

Some more good ones there, Timothy B!

I like the idea of 'The Tuxedo Players' - like they hang out in some Stockholm cocktail bar after a match or something...

The Cod is brilliantly surreal! And as for AC San Marino, you've got to agree that their nickname is all they've got to frighten their opponents with, so they might as well make it a good one!!! :-)

Smart said...

Nice list, Tim.

I think I've seen some of those films...


ratonbox said...

At number 7 it's another team with the same nickname, from Romania, UTA.

Chris said...

UTA are called The Loons?!?


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