Friday, April 06, 2007

The (Good) Friday List of Little or No Consequence #6

Incomplete CVs
14 Players Who Never Played at the World Cup Finals

1. Jim Baxter (Scotland)
2. George Best (N. Ireland)
3. Liam Brady (Republic of Ireland)
4. Eric Cantona (France)
5. Alfredo Di Stefano (Argentina / Spain)
6. Duncan Edwards (England)
7. Johnny Giles (Republic of Ireland)
8. David Ginola (France)
9. Mark Hughes (Wales)
10. Arnold Muhren (Netherlands)
11. Ian Rush (Wales)
12. Bernd Schuster (West Germany)
13. Frans Thijssen (Netherlands)
14. George Weah (Liberia)

Have we left anyone out? If so, tell us by leaving a comment. We look forward to hearing from you!


Brian said...

Ryan Giggs

Brian said...

Matthew Le Tissier

Chris said...

OK, here's the story, Brian:

I actually created the list on my computer yesterday, but when I came to upload it to the blog today, I found I'd lost it.

I therefore had to recreate the whole list again from memory which I thought I'd done perfectly.

Only I hadn't. Believe it or not Ryan Giggs was on my original list, but I forgot to add him the second time around.

Thanks for reminding me! :-)

Chris said...

Ah yes, Matt Le Tissier, too - well done.

What a fine player he was... I'd love to have seen him play for England more often as he certainly had the skill to beat some teams almost single-handedly.

A great scorer of goals in the mould of Glenn Hoddle.

Anonymous said...

you cant really include giggs cos hes not retired. wales in 2010 anyone?

Chris said...

I suppose not, and I for one would love to see Wales qualify for the World Cup Finals again...

paddy said...

neville southall is a glaring omission chris.the best british keeper since gordon banks.also he played for everton which raises his status anyway

Chris O said...

Quite right, Paddy. These lists are rarely meant to be all-inclusive, so feel free to add to them whenever you like!


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