Friday, August 08, 2008

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #73

Oblique styling
10 Football Teams That (Have Been Known To) Wear Shirts Featuring Diagonal Stripes

1. Crystal Palace (home)

2. Guatemala (home)

3. LA Galaxy (home / away (featured))

4. Leicester City (away)

5. Lorient (home)

6. Manchester City (away)

7. Netherlands (away)

8. Peru (home (featured) and away)

9. River Plate (home)

10. Vasco Da Gama (home)


sp3ktor said...

Oh no, Leicester have got there's on the "girls way" around.

Seb @ Insideleft said...

Motherwell also had a diagonal stripe (i daren't say sash) somewhere around the mid 70's. Orange and maroon. Just picture that combo ....

Chris O said...

lol @ sp3ktor... Surely there must be some sort of international legislation about how diagonal stripes should appear on football shirts, isn't there?!?

Seb, you are quite right and I can prove it. Through the miracle of digital Subbuteo archivery, I bring you the following image - check out number 185...


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