Thursday, August 14, 2008

Premier League Preview Podcast

Ladies and gentlemen, these are exciting times.

At this very moment, the Olympic football tournament is enthralling a worldwide audience in Beijing, China. Throughout Europe, qualification games for the Champions League and UEFA Cup are already sorting the men from the boys as the quest for continental domination starts its long and arduous journey. And across Britain, domestic football is exploding back into life with the start of the new Championship, League 1, League 2, Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League campaigns.

Yet for all that, one football competition par excellence remains dormant, waiting for this Saturday to arrive. Then, and only then, at the stroke of 12.45 pm BST will the referee blow his whistle to herald the start of the match between Arsenal and West Bromwich Albion and, more importantly, the 2008/09 Premier League season as a whole.

The wait is almost over. Millions of fans around the world will finally put an end to their wonderings over who will thrive, who will score, who will be relegated and who will earn the right to become the next big footballing superstar.

Yet you, yes YOU, currently find yourself unprepared, uninformed and uninspired with only hours to go before the big kick-off.

Go on - admit it… you do, don't you?

Well worry no more. Help is at hand in the form of a wonderful podcast that's been lovingly crafted by Duffman and Sp3ktor, two members of the SPAOTP writing team who, by way of a proper day job, run our excellent sister site, The Onion Bag.

Together, they've researched all the close-season news stories, studied the form books and generally ignored The Sun to collate the ultimate preview to the new Premier League season, just for you, our valued and rather well turned-out guests.

So download their brilliant new podcast, listen attentively and enjoy. We defy you to be disappointed.

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