Monday, October 13, 2008

Caption Competition #7

We thought we'd ease you into the new week with another of our legendary* Caption Competitions.

Hopefully you know how this works by now, but here's the deal if you don't. Simply look at the picture, provide us with a caption or a headline that suitably (and humourously) sums up what you see and leave it as a comment for all of us to chuckle at.

No prizes are on offer, sadly, and no-one's ever judged the winner (just so you know). And yes, it is pretty stupid calling it a competition when it isn't, but the alternative was to call it a 'Caption Open Discussion', and that would never do.

So hear it is - check out the picture below and fire at will (as they say at the British Rifle Association's 'Pop Idol' Dinner and Dance)...

* (as far as we're concerned)


sp3ktor said...

"Sorry, I thought you were selling the Big Issue"

Duffman said...

Be careful, there's a ten-year-old still working on the inside.

Seb @ Inside Left said...

Chris Iwelumo takes delivery of his new boots. With these beauties, Scotland gaffer George Burley can rest assured that 'Big' Chris will never shank another ball into the stands from three yards out.


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