Friday, October 24, 2008

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #84

The World Cup: A load of balls
The 10 Official Match Balls Used For The FIFA World Cup Finals Since 1970

1. Adidas Telstar (1970)
2. Adidas Telstar Durlast (1974)
3. Adidas Tango (1978)
4. Adidas Tango Espana (1982)
5. Adidas Azteca (1986)
6. Adidas Etrusco Unico (1990)
7. Adidas Questra (1994)
8. Adidas Tricolore (1998)
9. Adidas Fevernova (2002)
10. Adidas Teamgeist (2006)

Do you have any favourites from the above? Did you own any of them? Leave us a comment and let us know...


Seb@Inside Left said...

Call me a bluff old traditionalist, but I really like #1 and #2. The rest are brutal.

That last one looks like someone's stuck a panty shield onto a ball.

john said...

whats with the adidas monopoly over world cup balls?

Anonymous said...

Quite like the two newest ones.

The Tangos are horrid.

Chrissy said...

when are you gonna mention who's on the top of your iknowthescore league :P

i'm like 900th overall out of 150 k :P :P

Chris O said...

Seb, I'm inclined to agree with you that the original Telstar is a design classic. I even bought one when they reissued it briefly a few years back. And I take your point about the Teamgeist design!!! lol...

John - I'm not sure about the Adidas monopoly. I know the company's founder, Adi Dassler, was producing football boots for the West Germany team during the 1954 World Cup, so maybe they saw Adidas as a company with a long heritage in football equipment manufacturing.

Chuck - I thought the Teamgeist design was quite good but the Fevernova from 2002 I thought was a bit too weird for its own good. Still, at least had a degree of originality about it...

Personally I don't mind the Tango balls - well, the first two anyway. I thought they stretched it too far with the variations that lasted all the way up to 1998 though. It was time for something different long before then.

And Chrissy, let me apologise for not telling people about your wonderful achievements before now. You are indeed top of our I Know The Score League, and to be exact you are currently ranked 989th out of all the 149,567 players worldwide.

Well done indeed for that! So what's the secret - do you work for a betting company and fix results behind the FA's backs? ;-)

Anthony said...

It's the Tangos that have a place in my heart.

They were *the* Subbuteo ball to have back in the day...

Chris said...

I think the Tricolore gets my vote.

Chrissy said...



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