Friday, October 10, 2008

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #82

Rainbow warriors
9 Current Football Players With Names That Feature Colours

1. Robert Green (West Ham United)
2. Michael Gray (Wolverhapton Wanderers)
3. David White (Brechin City)
4. Adam Tan (Notts County)
5. Wes Brown (Manchester United)
6. Stephen Black (Montrose)
7. Dario Silva (Portsmouth)
8. Matthew Rose (Yeovil Town)
9. Gary Teale (Derby County)

An admittedly short and at times tenuous list, but feel free to add to it with your own suggestions by leaving us a comment in the usual way...


Seb @ Inside Left said...

A few scottish ones for:
Eric Black (currently Wigan asst mgr)
Kenny Black (manager at Airdrie)
Andy Gray (loads of clubs)
Frank Gray (Leeds legend)

Am I allowed Ian Redford, Rangers and Dundee United ..?

seb @ inside left said...

oh god, read the post properly would you. Please delete previous comment, it's time for my medication ...

Chris O said...

lol... that's alright, Seb! Why not open things up - let's have players past and present too! :-)

Rob Marrs said...

Ruben De La Red (Real Madrid). I realise it is overseas...


Chris O said...

I think you get bonus points for suggesting someone from overseas, Rob! I was going to trawl through the squad lists of all the continental clubs but thought better of it in the end...

Flicktokick said...

In goal you could have Andy Goram (that's gaelic for Blue).

Laurent Blanc in the heart of the defence.

In midfield let's have Gareth Sage from MacWhirter Welsh League Division Two's Betws.

Up front there's Dennis Violet from the Busby Babes.

and on the subs bench with a trophy we'll have Jack Mustard - the ex-footballer and now part-time murder suspect/victim in the revamped US version of cluedo.

For Director of football how about Lex Gold (ex Rangers player, chairman of Hibs and now Chairman of the SPL)

and finally let's not forget Manuel Alfonso Heliotrope from Real Chimichanga's infamous 1947 Cucarachas Cup winning team.

Chris O said...

Good lord, Flicktokick - that list of yours is as eclectic as it is comprehensive! Well done!

You've covered all the angles there, including the use of colour names in foreign languages (i.e. Blanc / White) which I was thinking of doing.

I suppose on that basis I could have included Cuauhtemoc Blanco too...


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