Friday, October 17, 2008

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #83

England's Number 1(s)
The Only 7 People To Play In Goal For England During The 1970's

1. Gordon Banks
2. Peter Bonetti (v West Germany, 1970)
3. Peter Shilton
4. Ray Clemence
5. Phil Parkes (v Portugal, 1974)
6. Jimmy Rimmer (v Italy, 1976)
7. Joe Corrigan (v Brazil, 1978)


flicktokick said...

So, so do you know how many keepers Scotland used in the 1970s?

14! I guess that using twice as many goalies is why we qualified for twice as many World Cups in the 70s than England.

Anyway, can you name them?

No. Ok here they are?

Bobby Clark (Aberdeen)1967-73
Jim Cruickshank (Hearts) 1964-75
Bob Wilson (Arsenal) 1971-71
Ally Hunter (Celtic) 1972-1973
David Harvey (Leeds) 1972-1976
Peter McCloy (Rangers) 1973
Thomson Allan (Dundee) 1974
Stewart Kennedy (Rangers)1975
Jim Brown (Sheffield United) 1975 v Romania
Alan Rough (Partick Thistle) - 1976 -1986
Jim Stewart (Kilmarnock) 1977-1978
David Stewart (Leeds) - 1977 v East Germany
Jim Blyth (Coventry) 1978
George Wood (Everton) 1979-1982

Chris O said...

Thanks for the list, Flicktokick. To be honest, when I had the idea for the England goalies list, I thought perhaps it might be even shorter, i.e. Shilton, Clemence, Banks, so to end up with seven was almost disappointing!

Seeing that Scotland had 14 reaffirms my belief that England *did* use comparitively few keepers in that time.

Whenever I used to play football in the park as a kid or Subbuteo or whatever, I would always WITHOUT FAIL have Alan Rough as my Scotland keeper. As far as I was concerned, no others had existed up to that point!

I'm not really aware of many of the names on your list. David Harvey I know, and Blyth and Wood I seem to remember being in my Panini sticker albums.

I also remember the shock of finding out that Bob Wilson played for Scotland too. All those years fronting Football Focus and never the merest hint of a Scottish background!

Good work, my friend, and thanks for dropping by! :)


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