Friday, June 30, 2006

Big Bluffer : First evictions

by Smart

Well I can honestly say it didnt take long to decide my first evictees from the 'Big Bluffer' house.

So without further ado, lets see who's bags are packed and heading for home quicker than a Polish footballer leaving Berlin...

Robbie Earle

'Dull' is the first word that springs to mind with Robbie and in the world of presenting, thats a good enough reason to see Robbie on his way 'early doors', as they like to say.

Ally McCoist

A hit with the ladies, which is his first downfall, as I'm a man. Add to that the facts that he is also a) Scottish and b) annoying, and it becomes all too obvious why Ally will be 'as sick as a parrot' that he's heading for home quicker than the Scottish team returning from a World Cup.

I now hand the axe over to Chris Oakley, who's ruthlessness will be revealed tomorrow.

So watch out...

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