Friday, June 02, 2006

Where Are They Now? : David James

Ever wondered what happened to the former goalkeeping maestro that was a collosus for West Ham, Manchester City and England?

Portman and Emma appear to have the answer. It seems the wicked witch at the FA has cast a spell on him, turning him into...


Kedge said...

Very Good. Obviously a step up for DJ.

Noticed that following his rather unpopular appearences in Star Wars, Ja Ja Binks has now settled in his role as Central Defender for England and Manchester United.

Kedge said...

I was watching the pre-match ramblings on BBC saturday when they were interviewing Jamie Carragher and I thought "Bloody Hell! What's sven up to now? And since when has Oakley had a liverpool accent?" Then I realised. This explains some of those strange disappearences from work.

Chris said...

Bugger! Found out at last!

Gotta larf at the Ja Ja Ferdinand similarity!


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