Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So there I was...

... driving home, when on popped the low fuel light.

"Ah-ha!" I said to myself "I need petrol." So I drove to the purveyor of said substance, and started to fill up.

I dont know about you, but I normally look around during the tedious task of filling up and this occasion was no exception.

I was at a Texaco garage for the first time in ages, and my eyes hit the "Collect your England World Cup coins here" sign.

"Ah-ha!" I said to myself (and yes I do say that a lot!) "They will be the coins that Some People Are On The Pitch's Chief Sports Correspondant Chris Oakley wrote about not too long ago".

And they were.

Now being a Spurs fan (dont laugh) I was hoping for the coins to contain some Spurs players. However, knowing my luck, I thought the following things ...

1 - I bet I get an Arsenal player - the idea of which I instantly dismissed as it was England coins, not French.


2 - I bet I get JermainFriggingDefoe - who of course didnt go!

And what did I get?!?!? See below...


Chris said...

Lol... blimey, that was spooky!!!! Well I hope you go on to collect the rest of the set now...

Among the nine coins I've collected so far, two have been Sven Goran Eriksson and one was Michael Owen. Great.

Smart said...

Does the Michael Owen one come with a set of crutches?

Kedge said...

At least you got 1 that's in the squad and a Spur at that!


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