Monday, June 19, 2006

The 'Blimey - they have impressed Smart' XI

We are at the half way stage of the tournament (32 of 64 games played) and every team has played 2 games.

So I thought I would highlight a few names of players that have impressed me so far, for varying reasons, and stick them in a 4-4-2 formation as that seems to be the most popular choice this tournament.

Asamoah (GHA) Torres (ESP)

Saviola (ARG) Riquelme (ARG) Zokora (CIV) Rosicky (CZE)

Lahm (GER) Yoyo Toure (CIV) Terry (ENG) Cafu (BRA)

Ricardo (ANG)


Chris said...

I'd heard a lot about Riquelme beforehand, so I wasn't too surprised by how well he's played. Terry's always good in my book, so no surprise there either.

There are some interesting selections there... what was your reasoning behind some of them?

Smart said...

My selections were basically just people who have stood out during the world cup games.

Ricardo of Angola may seem a suprising choice, but be has been superb thus far. His perfomance against Mexico was 'Roy of the Rovers' stuff.

Zokora has been the most impressive defensive midfielder by a long stretch.

Yoyo Toure has played as well as his brother, Kolo, has in his premiership matches.

I love the forward runs of Lahm and his distribution of the ball, even if playing left-back means he has to check back onto his right-foot.

Asamoah Gyan has been outstanding and my favourite player of the tournament so far. He is suspended for Ghana's last match and that will be a great shame if he doesnt take any further part in this tournament.


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