Thursday, June 01, 2006

Theres always a ‘Plan B’…

So your nation doesn’t qualify for the World Cup finals - now what are you going to do? Well, how about supporting another nation, preferably one that your biggest rivals are due to play?

That’s what the Scottish are doing. They have adopted Englands Group B opponents Trinidad and Tobago as there home nation by proxy. Replica home shirts for Trindad and Tobago are selling faster than deep-fried Mars bars, most of which are heading north of the border.

There are six players in the Trinidad squad who ply their trade in the Scottish League, but the most popular one of all is the St Johnstone striker named Jason Scotland. Just imagine it - you could have the added bonus of having ‘SCOTLAND’ emblazoned across the back of your brand new Trini shirt.

What more could the Scottish wish for? Apart from a Scottish 2006 World Cup kit, that is…


Chris said...

LOL... All we've gotta do now is find a player in the Scottish national team with the surname 'Trinidad' and we're laughing!

Kedge said...

All we've gotta do is find a team for Scotland! One that actually beat the mighty giants of football - The Faeroes.

Oh its easy to mock the Jocks, too easy sometimes.


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