Friday, May 18, 2007

The (Cup Final) Friday List of Little or No Consequence #12

Wembley in numbers
15 Numbers Associated With The New Wembley Stadium

1) 600 - the number of television screens that will make up the two giant screens
2) 90,000 - the number of covered seats
3) 0 - the number of obstructed views from within the seating area
4) 15,236 - square metres of roofing
5) 2,618 - the amount of toilets installed
6) 314.9 - the span of the arch in metres
7) 757 - the cost of the stadium in millions of Pounds Sterling
8) 107 - the number of steps to climb before lifting the trophy
9) 68 - the number of degrees at which the arch is angled
10) 4 - the cost of a hotdog in Pounds Sterling
11) 7,000 - the amount of smoke/heat detectors installed
12) 20 - the amount of first aid rooms
13) 380 - the number of pitch floodlights
14) 98 - the number of kitchens in the stadium (one of which is 1/3 the size of the pitch)
15) 1,294 - the amount of available wash hand basins


Smart said...

0 - The amount of goals in tomorrows final in the 120 minutes before penalties.

chris said...

I still find it incredible how much it cost to build. 757 million reasons why the FA is a complete joke.

Chris said...

I guess the only way you can possibly take your mind off the huge financial cost is to see how impressive the finished stadium looks.

How long it'd distract you for I'm not quite sure...

Timothy B. said...

Some- Number of people on the pitch.

chris said...

It looks great no doubt... let's just hope it doesn't fall over.

chris said...

And while 98 kitchens is an impressive number, one wonders, even at full output, will they be able to produce enough pies for fat Frank's halftime snack.

Chris O said...

Thanks to Timothy B for referencing the name of our blog site there...! :-)

Lol @ Fat Frank!

Apparently the team baths are quite big too. Very handy for those who like diving, evidently...

chris said...

Robben's out so one or two will be free.

chris said...

Final Predictions?
I'm seeing a 2-1 final in favor of ManU. I think they'll control the tempo. And with Essien in defense, the midfield will be easier to navigate.

Smart said...

0-0, Man Utd to win on penalties.

Lump on.

With my track record, you'd be wise not to..

Chris O said...

I think it'll be a draw too. 1-1, I'll say. Lampard and Rooney to score.

Then it'll go to penalties where I think Man U will win.

'Lump on'?

Smart said...

Yeah, lump on.

Wade in with the wonga.

Bet Big.

All that caper.

I like the name - Im now convinced you are no longer talking to yourself - but it makes you look Irish... Chris O'Said.


chris said...

Perhaps you're right. It seems we're destined to suffer through shootouts in every cup final. Maybe Platini can resolve this by mandating larger goals or playing with multiple balls at once.

Chris (B Squad) said...

Ok... no more name confusion.

Chris O said...

You see - to have the name Chris means you are organised and have people's best interests at heart... :)

Smart: Thanks for explaining 'lump on'. Not a term I'm familiar with!

Chris (B Squad): I think Platini's the least of our worries. It's Sepp Blatter you've got to have serious reservations about...

Chris (B Squad) said...

We Chris' are pillars of society, aren't we.

Sepp is senile, so I don't worry about him so much. Most of the time he's napping. And when he's not, he tends to forget what he just said.

It's safe to say that if you're the head of a federation, you're probably an asshat.

Chris O said...

LOL! Another new term - asshat!! :-)


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