Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Three wishes of... a Spurs fan

Written by Smart

To be honest, there were more than three things that I could wish for, such as a larger stadium, better public transport to the venue, giving me a seat on the board, etc., but unfortunately the genie said I could only have three wishes, so I opted for some short-term, more achievable options...

1. A decent left back
OK, I'm starting off with the most radical idea. The words 'Spurs' and 'defending' aren't often seen in the same sentence unless separated by words such as 'poor' and 'laughable'. At least, thats been the case since the 1970's.

Now I'm not asking for Spurs to 'shut up shop' at the back and bore me to death. I'm just asking for us to sign someone that is left-footed and can tackle and from the Premiership, I'd have to look no further than Leighton Baines of Wigan, and possibly Nick Shorey of Reading. Both are also quite handy with set pieces, score the odd goal and are English.

For some reason, I'm suspecting Baines will be the cheaper option.

2. A left winger
What's that? You're spotting a trend here? Yes, you're right. Whilst I'm at it, why not cure the problem of Tottenham's left side? Aaron Lennon on the left isn't the solution, and nor is Malbranque. What I wouldn't give for a quality left-sided winger.

We have a young talent on loan from Lens called Adel Traaabt who has looked quite promising in the brief appearances he has made thus far. It would be nice to have someone a bit older, with a bit more experience, however.

To that end, I'd like to see Morten Gamst Pedersen in the new Spurs shirt. On his day, the Norwegian can be a match winner. A good crosser and great with set pieces, it's just a shame his hairstyle is a bit... how do they say it in Oslo.. 'camp'?

Still, beggars can't be choosers, as my dear old Nan used to say.

3. Another beanpole striker
We need another tall striker as Dr. Jol likes his 'Little and Large' combination upfront. Keane and Defoe fill the 'Little' part of the double act, but we need someone to take some pressure away from the Andy Garcia lookalike we lovingly call 'Berbatov'.

That role is currently occupied by Mido, a player I have never really got on with so we need to off load him and fast. We need to find a club that has a recent history of players with a bit of a 'bad boy' image and who love to waste good money on naff strikers. Has anyone got Manchester City's phone number?

As a replacement, well I'd chance my arm on Darren Bent. Tall, pacey and again hopefully quite cheap, he could fit in well at the Lane. He knows a few of the players too, from varying levels of the national squad.

Of course, keeping hold of 'The Talented Mr Berbatov' is a must, unless some Russian billionaire chucks £40 million+ onto the table of the Spurs board. After what Chelsea paid for Shevchenko I think that's still a bargain, however.

So there they are, my three Spurs wishes. Now where did I put that lamp..?

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