Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You Bet - Champions League Final Special

And so we enter the second and final part of our special You Bet double-header having missed out on the chance to win some money from the FA Cup Final.

All the more reason, then, to think carefully about what we should be betting our £5 on this time around. Once again, we give you three choices - A, B or C - and all you have to do is tell us which bet we should put our money on.

In case you've joined us late and wonder what on earth's going on, any money we win goes to our chosen charity, The Alzheimer's Society and if we don't win any money at all, they'll just have to wait until our next You Bet when they'll almost certainly win something (it says here).

No money is required from you whatsoever - we just want you to tell us where to stick it. So here for you below are the three Champions League Final selections to choose from:

Bet A
First goalscorer: Kaka (Milan)
Potential winnings: £30.00
The skilful Brazilian is the top scorer in the Champions League this season, but will he be the first to get on the scoresheet in the Final?

Bet B
Milan to beat Liverpool 2-1 (after 90 minutes)
Potential winnings: £40.00
Milan enter the rematch with Liverpool a stronger side than in 2005... can they edge past The Reds this time?

Bet C
Peter Crouch to score a header (in 90 minutes)
Potential winnings: £55.00
The tallest man on the field, Peter Crouch is always the favourite to reach those high crosses. Can he convert one for his side?

Pick the bet you think will earn us lots of lovely cash for charity and watch this space to see how we do after the game finishes. (Closing date/time for voting: 7pm BST on Wednesday 23rd May 2007).

Voting has now closed. Keep visiting Some People Are On The Pitch for more You Bets soon!


ratonbox said...

peter crouch's header seems a good bet! :) Hope you'll win! :)

Chris (B Squad) said...

hopefully 2 or 3!

Chris O said...

Thanks for your votes, everyone!


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