Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three wishes... for the Champions League Final

1. It's better than the FA Cup Final
If it isn't then I'm going to have to paint my wall again and watch that dry instead.

2. No penalty shoot-out.
My dicky ticker can't take the tension nowadays, so lets have the game settled before the 90 / 120 minutes are up.

We all know that penalties are a lottery, so I would rather see the game won with a sublime bit of skill. In fact, I'd rather see the game won with a sliced clearance by Nesta hitting the crossbar, bouncing back, hitting Dida on the posterior and then rolling over the goalline than a penalty shoot-out.

3. A Liverpool victory.
I don't support Liverpool and I don't often take sides in a cup final thats neutral to me, but I have for this one. I think it would be great to see Liverpool win it again and not just because of the English club factor. Liverpool have such a rich history with the European / Champions League Cup and I for one will be hoping they lift the trophy again on Wednesday night.

Anyone else got three wishes for tonight's Final?


ratonbox said...

Unlike you i have different wishes:
1. A defeat for Ac Milan. :D
2. A win for Liverpool.
3. A great game. :)

Adam Bird said...

1. Peter Crouch robo dancing in the corner flag after he scores the winning goal.

2. Gatusso crying in the centre circle after the game.

3. Successfully working out what the hell Jamie Carragher is saying in the post match interview

Chris (B Squad) said...

1. Kewell doesn't pull up lame after 20 min.

2. Karma bites AC on the ass, and they go home empty handed again.


Timothy B. said...

I already got my main wish: no more ManU/ Chelsea snooze-a-rama! Apart from that, I just want a good, fast-paced match that rivals the excitement of the 2005 one. And maybe an appearance by RoboCrouch 5000.

Chris O said...

Great suggestions, everyone!


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