Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You Bet - FA Cup Final Special

Rejoice and be of good cheer! It's the return of our old favourite, You Bet!

For those of you who weren't with us last November, You Bet was a feature that ran for ten weeks, the aim being to raise as much money as possible for charity through a series of footy-related bets. It was a tricky business, but through the tactical guile of you, our loyal visitors, we ended up virtually tripling our original £10 outlay which has since swelled the coffers of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Well, it's back, back, back for a special double bill which we hope will bring monetary benefit to another good cause, The Alzheimer's Society. For those of you that don't know, they're the UK's leading charity for supporting people suffering from dementia, funding research into the condition which, hopefully, will one day bring a cure. Over 700,000 people suffer from dementia in the UK, so we think you'll agree it's a charity worth supporting given the impact it has on so many people here.

And so to the game - how does You Bet work? Well me and Smart begin by chipping in £5 of our not-particularly-hard-earned cash, thus providing a stake 'kitty' of £10. Then, before the FA Cup Final this Saturday, we offer up three possible FA Cup Final bets for us to put £5 on. Which bet we choose is up to you - just register your selection using our online vote and when midday on Saturday comes around, we'll pick the one with the most votes. You need not part with any money of your own: you're just telling us what we should bet ours on.

If we win, the money goes back into the kitty and we do the same all over again before next Wednesday's Champions League Final. If we lose, we draw a line under the whole sorry affair and reconvene to repeat the process next Wednesday anyway. More of which next week...

For the time being, here are the three bets we'd like you to consider for the FA Cup Final this Saturday - Chelsea v Manchester United. Each has a different likelihood of actually happening and subsequently each can earn us a different amount of potential winnings. Do we go for a bet that stands a good chance of hitting the jackpot, albeit for less winnings, or do we go for a long shot? That's what you've got to work out, so here are the options to choose from...

Bet A
Draw at half-time, draw at full-time
Potential winnings: £22.50
Chelsea and Man United have drawn 0-0 and 1-1 in the Premiership this season - who's to say it won't be another draw (after 90 minutes)?

Bet B
First goalscorer: Cristiano Ronaldo
Potential winnings: £40.00
He was the second highest goalscorer in the Premiership this season... will he add another to his tally this Saturday?

Bet C
First player to be shown a card: Wayne Rooney
Potential winnings: £75.00
Always ready to blow that very short fuse of his, will Wayne Rooney see red... or yellow for that matter?

The choice, as we always say, is yours. Log your vote here and tell us who we should place our £5 bet on... (Closing date / time: 12pm BST, Saturday 19 May 2007.)

Voting has now closed. Keep visiting Some People Are On The Pitch for more You Bets soon!

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