Friday, May 18, 2007

Shirts for 2007/08: Newcastle United (home)

Onto shirt number 4 in our series and this time it's Newcastle United who bring forth the garment you see below:

This is the shirt you'll probably see Michael Owen end his career in (if fate has anything to do with it), and lucky for you - it's available to buy via the Newcastle United website if that's what you choose to remember him by.

So what do we notice about it at first glance? Quite a bit more black than usual, if we're not mistaken. Some funny business with a curved white slash going upwards to the armpits, too, which might seem unecessary to some.

Have Adidas scored a winner here or are they out of Toon with you, the discerning member of the public? Leave us your comments if you so wish, or perhaps register your vote as so many of you have done with our previous offerings (for which we give our gracious thanks)...


The final results were as follows:

Excellent: 63 (38%)
Good: 36 (21%)
OK: 29 (17%)
Poor: 13 (8%)
Terrible: 27 (16%)



Chris (B Squad) said...

The badge is awfully small for some reason. The armpit swooshes look all wrong. The sponsor looks a sticker that someone would stick to a lamppost. It just looks crowded.

I don't like the new adidas template when applied to non-solid shirts. I think it looks really good on Liverpool and Chelsea (except for those pinstripe alternates), but there's just too much going on with the NUFC top.

Chris O said...

It's almost like you're reading my mind. I think exactly the same thing, and if you get the chance to see the full kit (as worn for Newcastle's last game of the season), you'll see it looks even more busy.

Someone obviously didn't know when to say 'stop' during the design phase...

Smart said...

I think its great.

It's still black and white stripes, yet the design of it makes it look as if it almost isnt.

A Duke of Edinburgh award to whoever came up with that one.

Just dont wear it when you are at the checkout of your local supermarket... BEEP!!!

Chris (B Squad) said...

Why is it a constant struggle? Just make the kits simple and classic. I think since 1990 or so, the kits seem to set new benchmarks in ugly. (The award for the 90's goes to Umbro, accepting via satalite.)

In twenty years when we're watch some of these classic games, it's just going to be embarrasing.

Chris O said...

Lol... I think you might be right there! You can understand why I'm not overly looking forward to the prospect of West Ham wearing an Umbro kit over the next two seasons...


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