Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You Bet - Champions League Final Special... Update

The voting period is over and tonight we'll be rooting for Kaka to score the first goal of the game. Half of you chose Bet A, so that's what our £5 will be going on. Remember - it's for Kaka to be the first goalscorer during the first 90 minutes - not extra time or penalties.

Second in our online poll was Bet C - Crouch to score with a header - which got 32% of your vote, and in last place was Bet B - Milan to win 2-1 in the first 90 minutes - which trailed in with 18%.

Thanks for all your votes... now let's see the action unfold!


Chris O said...


Once again, the bet which received the least votes was the one we should have voted for.

Inzaghi's goal near the end of the first half of tonight's Champions League Final put paid to our chances of winning some money for charity, but fear not - You Bet will be back very soon and with it the chance to win big for charity again.

Congratulations to Milan for outwitting Liverpool in what was a much better final than the one we saw last Saturday, and thanks to everyone who took part in tonight's You Bet.

Timothy B. said...

Maybe next time we should go with the choice that gets the least votes.

Chris O said...

I'll keep that suggestion in mind, Timothy B...!


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