Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The SPAOTP Awards 2007 : Goal of the Season

It's that time again: 'Goal of the Season' time!

Everybody loves a great goal and we at SPAOTP are no different. We've picked our three (yes three - how lucky are you?!?!?) favourite goals of the season.

The criteria were simple:

a - It had to be a goal...
b - from this season...
c - scored by a Premiership team in ANY competition, and
d - it made us soil our under-garments.

So without further ado, here are our choices presented in a 'Miss World' reverse-order style...

GOAL 3: Matt Taylor (for Portsmouth v Everton)

So there you are in the midst of a Premiership match, around the centre circle, when the ball bounces your way. Obviously, your first instinct is to volley it goalwards... isn't it?

Well it is if your name is Matt Taylor, the Portsmouth left-sided player who loves to score spectacular goals - and this is no exception...

GOAL 2: Dimitar Berbatov (for Tottenham, away to Besiktas)

This goal just oozes quality and gets better with every viewing.

Robbie Keane shows great vision and skill with a flicked pass, then it's all down to Berbatov to open his legs and show us his class.

Dont try this at home...

GOAL 1: Michael Essien (for Chelsea v Arsenal)

A fabulous goal.

Not just for its technique (striking the ball with the outside of the foot as it's coming across you), but also for the circumstances. Chelsea are a goal down to title-challenging rivals (yes, Arsenal) and its the 85th minute. Then Essien comes up with this...

So there you have it - our Top 3 goals of the 2007 season.

That's our verdict, but as always we'd love to hear yours so leave us a comment and tell us which goals you liked best!


ratonbox said...

OMG, those were some great goals!

Chris said...

Yes indeed, and there were so many goals we disconsidered that we could easily have shown you a list of goals as long as your arm!

chris said...

Crouch's goal against Gala was one for consideration.

Anonymous said...

Alonso from his own half


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