Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christmas Day List of Little or No Consequence #145

Down with the Christmas decorations
The 18 Teams That Have Been Bottom Of The Premier League At Christmas

1. Nottingham Forest (1992–93, finished 22nd - relegated)
2. Swindon Town (1993–94, finished 22nd - relegated)
3. Ipswich Town (1994–95, finished 22nd - relegated)
4. Bolton Wanderers (1995–96, finished 20th - relegated)
5. Nottingham Forest (1996–97, finished 20th - relegated)
6. Barnsley (1997–98, finished 19th - relegated)
7. Nottingham Forest (1998–99, finished 20th - relegated)
8. Sheffield Wednesday (1999–2000, finished 19th - relegated)
9. Bradford City (2000–01, finished 20th - relegated)
10. Leicester City (2001–02, finished 20th - relegated)
11. West Ham United (2002–03, finished 18th - relegated)
12. Wolverhampton Wanderers (2003–04, finished 20th - relegated)
13. West Bromwich Albion (2004–05, finished 17th - stayed up)
14. Sunderland (2005–06, finished 20th - relegated)
15. Watford (2006–07, finished 20th - relegated)
16. Derby County (2007-08, finished 20th - relegated)
17. West Bromwich Albion (2008-09, finished 20th - relegated)

18. Portsmouth (2009-10, finished...?)


Peter Shaw said...

For some reason I feel that Portsmouth could stay up this season. I remember watching west broms game on telly in a pub and everyone was saying it was a formality. By
the way I hugely enjoyed the Christmas advent calender series you did. It was very good and I look forward to the new year. Take a break you lot, you've earned it.

Chris O said...

Portsmouth have certainly shown some spirit in recent games, Peter, but I wonder if their attacking options are good enough for the long haul. With the transfer embargo and the African Nations Cup exodus having an impact too, I think they'll do well to escape the bottom three this season.

Thanks very much indeed for the compliments about the Advent Calendar. Nice to know all the hard work was appreciated! :)


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