Monday, December 21, 2009

SPAOTP's Advent Calendar: Day 21

We're back with five more quiz questions for you today on Day 21 of our Advent Calendar. See how you fair with these - and as ever, the answers will appear at the end of tomorrow's Advent Calendar post.

Question 1:
Who became the second West German club after Bayern Munich to win the European Cup?

Question 2:
What three words complete this well-known advert from The Times: "Man offers marriage for Cup Final ticket. Replies must enclose photo..."?

Question 3:
Which cartoon character gave Arsenal's Dutch international Marc Overmars his nickname?

Question 4:
Which former England striker played cricket for Leicestershire's second team?

Question 5:
Which country's football team appeared on a 1997 Gambian postage stamp?


Obsidianrock said...

Question 1: Hamburg

Question 2: Photograph of Tickets

Question 3: The Roadrunner

Obsidianrock said...

Question 4: Graham Cross?

Question 5: Croatia

Chris O said...

Obsidianrock, I'll give you three out of five for your efforts!

Hamburg was indeed the second West German team to win the European Cup. The end of the advert reads 'of the ticket', which is close enough to your guess for our liking. 'The Road Runner' was indeed Marc Overmars' nickname.

Your answers to questions 4 and 5, however, are not correct, but well done so far!

sp3ktor said...

Is 4 Gary Lineker?

Chris O said...

It is indeed, Sp3ktor! :)

Obsidianrock said...

I found the answer to #5 on the FIFA website. Here is the quote:

"Football stamps are a speciality in themselves, with the history of thegame often illustrated through philately. Among the special issues for EURO 96that found its way into the FIFA mailbag was one from Gambia, showing theCroatia team. What is not clear is whether this was one of a series of all 16finalists, or whether a special affection exists between Croatia and Gambia ..."

Chris O said...

Well Obsidianrock, I'll give you credit for finding *an* answer to the question even if it's not *the* answer I had!

The FIFA article suggests there may have been a series that featured Croatia on one of the Gambian stamps, and this seems more likely now given the answer I had was 'Scotland'...!

I feel inclined to give you that one, purely on the basis of your efforts to find out the answer!


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