Wednesday, December 02, 2009

SPAOTP's Advent Calendar: Day 2

It's Day 2 of our Advent Calendar and today, in a nod towards last year's 'Twelve Graphs of Christmas' series, we bring you a graph showing the number of hat-tricks scored in the Premier League since its inception.

As you can see, there have already been seven hat-tricks scored this season (up to December 2nd 2009*) and strangely the same teams keep cropping up - Hull twice, Liverpool twice, Portsmouth twice, Tottenham three times (and Defoe twice), Burnley twice, Wigan twice... definitely a pattern emerging if you ask us...

Hat-tricks so far during 2009/10 Premier League season:

1) Jermain Defoe, Spurs (v Hull City, 1-5)
2) Yossi Benayoun, Liverpool (v Burnley, 4-0)
3) Robbie Keane, Spurs (4 v Burnley, 5-0)
4) Fernando Torres, Liverpool (v Hull, 6-1)
5) Aruna Dindane, Portsmouth (v Wigan, 4-0)
6) Jermain Defoe, Spurs (5 vWigan, 9-1)
7) Wayne Rooney, Man United (v Portsmouth, 1-4)

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