Friday, December 11, 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #143

Englishmen abroad
16 Englishmen That Have Managed National Football Teams Outside The UK

1. George Armstrong (Kuwait 1988)
2. Gordon Bradley (USA 1976)
3. Jack Charlton (Ireland 1986-95)
4. Ian Crook (American Samoa 2004)
5. Allan Harris (Malaysia 2000-04)
6. Roy Hodgson (Switzerland 1992-95; United Arab Emirates 2002-04; Finland 2006-07)
7. Bob Houghton (China 1997-99; Uzbekistan 2005; India 2006 onwards)
8. Gary Johnson (Latvia 1999-2001)
9. Jack Mansell (Israel 1980-81)
10. Peter Reid (Thailand 2008-09)
11. Don Revie (United Arab Emirates 1977-80)
12. Bryan Robson (Thailand 2009-)
13. Terry Venables (Australia 1997-98)
14. Tony Waiters (Canada 1981-86 and 1990)
15. Peter Withe (Indonesia 2004-07, Thailand 1998-2002)
16. Ray Wood (Cyprus 1969-72)


footysphere said...

Not forgetting Mr George Raynor, the most successful English international manager of all time and a national hero in Sweden. He managed the Swedish national team to the 1948 Olympic gold medal, 3rd place in the 1950 World Cup, bronze medal in the 1952 Olympics & then got the Swedes to the 1958 World Cup final which they lost to Brazil. He was knighted by the King of Sweden & in 1959 led the Swedes to a 3-2 Wembley win over England, only the 3rd time that England had lost on home soil. No other English international manager can compare to his record of achievement.

seb@insideleft said...

and between 1910 and the late 1940's the Netherlands only had English (and 1 Scottish) managers, some 12 in all I think.

Chris O said...

Good knowledge, Footysphere. I was unaware of just how successful Raynor was. Kinda wish I'd included him on the list now... Thanks for bringing his achievements to everyone's attention, though!

You're pretty much right, Seb - up to 1948, 13 of the 15 managers the Netherlands had were either English or Scottish. Even after 1948 they had a couple more, but since 1978 they've gone with Dutchmen only.

Lord Bob said...

Waiters managed Canada to its only World Cup berth, too.

Chris O said...

Quite right, Lord Bob. I'm glad I correctly identified *someone* to include on merit. Wait a minute - Bryan Robson...

Anonymous said...

Keith Pritchett here from N.Z. sorry to disappoint you but I cannot claim to be eligible for the English Managers, abroad, list. I was born and raised in Scotland. Dad was English and I played all my Professional Football in England. Moved to N.Z. 24 years ago. Good list to be on but not elicable sorry. Keith Pritchett.

Chris O said...

Keith, it's a pleasure to hear from you, albeit under erroneous circumstances!

I think this is the first time someone featured on one of our 'Friday Lists' has actually contacted us directly, and we feel suitably honoured!

Thanks very much for pointing out our mistake, Keith, and we will (reluctantly) correct the error accordingly. You will, rest assured, remain our favourite *Scottish* manager of a foreign national team - be in no doubt of that...

Best wishes, Chris O.


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