Thursday, December 03, 2009

SPAOTP's Advent Calendar: Day 3

On Day 3 of SPAOTP's Advent Calendar, we bring you something to occupy your football brain in the shape of five quiz questions.

There's no prize on offer - just the chance to show your supreme intelligence when it comes to the beautiful game.

So here are those footy questions, and if you think you know any of the answers, leave us a comment and we'll tell you if you're right. All the correct answers will appear on tomorrow's Advent Calendar page.

Question 1:
Ernest Jean-Joseph of Haiti was the first World Cup player to be punished for what?

Question 2:
What rare event took place during the 1946 and 1947 FA Cup Finals?

Question 3:
Which World Cup superstar played his only game in London against Fulham in 1973?

Question 4:
What are always taken to the FA Cup Final but are never used?

Question 5:
In 1974, Exeter City were the first team in England to be fined for not doing what?


seb@insideleft said...

question 1 is he failed a dope test, and question 4 is the losers ribbons.

no idea about the rest.

Chris O said...

Right on both counts, Seb - well done!

So Seb takes a two point lead over the rest of the world... but for how long? :-)

Phil said...

Q2 - Charlton Athletic only ever played in the two immediate FA Cup finals, and in both, the ball burst.

The ref had reckoned the odds of the ball bursting as 1,000,000-1 on the radio before the 1946 final.

seb said...

I'm dying to find out about question 4. I'm currently managing exeter city (rather badly as it happens) in FM2009.

Chris O said...

Quite right, Phil. The ball burst in both the 1946 and 1947 finals, thereby leading to the use of a solid lead ball in 1948. Sorry, made that last bit up.

Seb, you've only got, ooh... 20-odd hours to wait now. It'll soon pass... :)

CaptRJSpaulding said...

Q5...Fulfilling a fixture (against Scunthorpe)

Matt said...

Q3 would be Pele, I guess, seeing as Santos played at Fulham in a friendly that year.

Thank you Google... :)

Chris O said...

Well done, CaptRJSpaulding - Exeter were the first team to be fined for not turning up, effectively.

And Matt, you're absolutely right too - Pele is the man we're looking for in Question 3... what an intelligent bunch you all are!

Look out for more quiz questions coming soon as part of SPAOTP's Advent Calendar, but for now, well done to everyone that's taken part!


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