Friday, December 18, 2009

SPAOTP's Advent Calendar: Day 18

With just one week to go to the big day, we've got something to tax your brain cells over the festive season in the shape of SPAOTP's Big Advent Calendar Crossword!

All you need do is click on the grid below to expand it to it's full size, print it out, then fill it in with the answers that fit the clues we'll be giving you below - just like any normal crossword.

But here's the added bonus: if you take the correct letters that go in the yellow squares marked, then rearrange them, you should get a Christmas-related word. Send that word to us at info [at] spaotp [dot] com before midnight on December 31st 2009 (and, indeed, before anyone else does so before you) and you could win a Some People Are On The Pitch t-shirt! It's that simple!

So here's the grid, then below it comes the clues. Best of luck!

(Answers to appear on SPAOTP on January 1st 2010)


1 Team that plays at Qwest Field (7,8)
7 Grzegorz, top scorer at the 1974 World Cup (4)
9 See 8 Down (3)
11 Kevin Keegan and Kenny Dalglish were famous ones (4)
13 Tiger Woods idea of a football team (4)
14 The Red Diamonds of Japan (5)
15 Stephen Fry's favoured team (7)
17 Neil, former Morton, West Ham and Hibernian midfielder (3)
19 Giovanni, coach of the 1985 Juventus European Cup-winning side (10)
24 Bruce, former coach of the USMNT (5)
25 Brazilian controversially dropped, then reinstated for the 1998 World Cup Final (7)
26 Niko, one of two Croatians at Tottenham (8)
31 England's top scorer at Mexico '86 (7)
33 Man City striker famed for his rapport with visiting Arsenal fans (8)
34 Fernando, current Anfield favourite (6)


1 Home of The Eagles, London (8,4)
2 Number of times Derby County have been league champions (3)
3 The Grecians (6)
4 Score at the wrong end of the pitch (abbreviated) (2)
5 Watney Cup winners 1970 (5)
6 What you get for being sent off (3,4)
8 (and 9 across) NASL team from Jacksonville (3)
10 Ivica, Bayern's Croatian striker (4)
12 Tele, Brazilian coach of the 1982 and 1986 World Cup squads (7)
16 FIFA's international abbreviation for Ali Daei's team (3)
18 West Germany's 'Bomber' that always handed out a right Mullering (4)
20 Stadium where Bayern seek Allianz with their opponents (5)
21 Nickname of Weymouth FC, 'The ...' (6)
22 Asian Cup champions 2007 (4)
23 In the same 2010 World Cup group as Spain, Switzerland and Chile (8)
27 Van Nistelrooy or Gullit, perhaps? (4)
28 Man City striker, cuurently on loan with Everton (2)
29 Bearzot, coach of Italy's 1982 World Cup-winning team (4)
30 Casillas, goalkeeper of the Spanish national team (4)
32 Last season's Danish Superliga runners-up (2)


Obsidianrock said...

I just finished doing the crossword puzzle and I think I found a few errors in the clues that were given.

#31 Across - it should only be 7 letters for the England's Top Scorer (nitpicking I know)

#5 Down - I think you meant to say 1970 Watney Cup winners not 1971

#16 Down - I think it should be "Ali Daei" and not "Alid Daei"

Just thought this might help someone who's stuck.

Keep up the good work guys

Chris O said...

Hi Obsidianrock... thanks very much indeed for pointing out our inexcusable mistakes. You're quite right on all three counts and have corrected the errors on the original article accordingly.

Not quite sure how I came to type in 'Alid' Daei... must have been trying too hard to get the post published on time, I think!

Anyway, thanks again for bringing all that to our attention. We hope it hasn't spoilt yours or anyone else's enjoyment of doing the crossword.


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