Friday, December 11, 2009

SPAOTP's Advent Calendar: Day 11

Time to tax those little grey cells today with five more cunning quiz questions on Day 11 of the SPAOTP Advent Calendar. As ever (ahem...), the answers will appear on tomorrow's Advent Calendar post.

Question 1:
Who, in 1963, became only the second Tottenham player ever to be sent off?

Question 2:
Which English football club was created when Yorkshire Cricket Club introduced football as a way of keeping players fit during the winter?

Question 3:
Abel Lafleur was the scuptor that designed which well-known football trophy?

Question 4:
Which German city's Forest Stadium was partially rebuilt for the 1974 World Cup?

Question 5:
Which club did former Liverpool star Craig Johnston name his daughter after?


CaptRJSpaulding said...

Q2...Sheffield Wednesday
Q3...The Jules Rimet Trophy

Rich Johnson said...


Chris O said...

CaptRJSpaulding: You're right with your second answer - wrong with the first, I'm afraid... :)

Rich - spot on, my friend!

Rich Johnson said...


CaptRJSpaulding said...

I mean...Curses! Sheff Utd? T'Sheff Wed? ;-)

Chris O said...

Indeed Capt/Rich - Sheffield United, not Wednesday! :)

seb@insideleft said...

Q4 is Berlin, I believe.

Q1, Jimmy Greaves (only famous spurs player from that era I know, and he looks the type that'd get sent off).

Chris O said...

You, too, have got one right out of two, Seb. Jimmy Greaves is correct, but Berlin's not the place you're looking for... said...

Haha, Greaves was just a wild stab in the dark!

And I've just figures out the answer to Q1. Sneaky, ChrisO, very sneaky :-)

I'll let someone else guess though!


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