Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SPAOTP's Advent Calendar: Day 15

More quiz questions for you today on the SPAOTP Advent Calendar. You know you love 'em... :)

As usual, feel free to chip in with any guesses to the questions by leaving us a comment. Answers revealed on tomorrow's Advent Calendar post.

Here goes with today's questions, then...

Question 1:
How many players appeared in the team pictured on FIFA's 1995 Christmas card?

Question 2:
What sport were English league clubs banned from advertising around the pitch during the 1960s?

Question 3:
Which was the first English football club to have its restaurant listed in the Good Food Guide?

Question 4:
What country's goalkeeper allegedly cut his own head with a razor to get the match abandoned when losing to Brazil in 1990?

Question 5:
Which was the first British club to market its own mobile phone?


Phil said...

4 is Chile and Roberto Rojas. They were banned from 1990 and 1994!

Chris O said...

Absolutely right Phil!


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