Monday, December 07, 2009

SPAOTP's Advent Calendar: Day 7

For Day 7 of our Advent Calendar, we're going to produce a 'Friday List' with a difference.

There are two things that'll differentiate this list from the others, namely (1) it's not appearing on a Friday, and (2) it's going to be compiled largely by you (hopefully) rather than us.

Yes, today we're looking for the names of football players, teams or anything else you want to include that have a Christmas theme to them. Here's a few to start you off with, and if you think of any more, leave us a comment and tell us what they are.

So here goes...

The Christmas Club

1) Robin Van Persie
2) Roque Santa Cruz
3) Anyone that plays for Turkey


(Oh, and by the way - here are the answers to yesterday's quiz questions:)

1) Everton
2) France
3) Bill Shankly
4) Goalkeeper
5) Paul Merson


Terry said...

Nicklas Bendtner

Chris O said...

Clever - like it... :)

sp3ktor said...

Antonio Di Natale

sp3ktor said...

Noel Whelan

Terry said...

Gifton Noel-Williams

Chris O said...

Well there you go everyone - that's the standard to beat! :-)

sp3ktor said...

Anyone who plays for Epsom & Ewell FC

flicktokick said...

Thomas Myrhe (pronounced slightly wrongly)

Karel Poborsky (ditto)

Kilmarnock - they're mince but have good pies

Russell Slade

Juan Pablo Angel (pronounced a la Big Ron)

and not forgetting that lesser known Reading Player

The Royals' David Zittee

sp3ktor said...

Freddy Shepherd

Adam Bird said...

Wasn't there a congolese footballer called "Christ Bongo"? A quick look on Wikipedia pretty much confirms it!

Chris O said...

Great suggestions, everyone! Plenty there that I hadn't considered as possibilities!

(Christ Bongo indeed...) ;-)

Phil said...

The players of 4-time Andorran champions Santa Coloma.

Chris O said...

Ah, lest we forget Santa Coloma, Phil... :)


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